For sale real estate transaction in city Siracusa Sicilia

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For sale real estate transaction in city
IT Siracusa - Sicilia
€ 2,000,000

Prestigious property for sale in Ortigia, Syracuse

Prestigious property for sale, founded in 1652 as the Monastery of Santa Teresa under the Carmelite rule by theBishop Giovanni Antonio Capobianco. Great visual impact located in the heart of Ortigia Island in Siracusa. In this Church, in addition to the feasts of their own institute, the Teresians celebrated with solemnity the feast of the Heart of Jesus. A fire in 1800 destroyed it, to be rebuilt in 1806, until 1882, due to the lack of maintenance of the reclusorio, the hosts were forced to move and finally in 1885 the church was granted to the Society of Sailors. It closes permanently to worship in June 1924. Subsequently, it has welcomed and has been the seat of important public and private activities.

The building covers a total area of approx. 500 and has a height of about ten meters; spread over three levels with pillars that support the upper levels. Outside you can admire the main façade of the building, the windows enriched by side frames, details that tell the story of a sacred place. Today, thanks to an urban-scenographic reworking, you can relive a historical-cultural cross-section of a monument with its oldest, surviving, architectural evidence of Ortigia.

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  • Internal ref. -
  • Sqm 500
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Energy class G
  • Heating system -

Historic building