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Malta: Over 100 Luxury Properties on Luxforsale!


The Maltese island is among the prominent features of the upcoming 2024 Observatory. With 105 luxury properties for sale, it ranks second in the list of the most represented foreign states on our portal! Malta is the new phenomenon to watch in the Luxury Real Estate market. The latest data...

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The Best Luxury Apartments in France


France is one of the most visited countries in the world, so it's not surprising that the French real estate market is very active and dynamic. The market saw a real recovery from 2017 onwards. Of course, Paris takes the lion's share as the economic, financial, political, and tourist hub...

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An overview of the most beautiful luxury homes in Salento


Salento is one of Italy's treasures, offering breathtaking natural landscapes nestled between sea, mountains, and hills where time seems to stand still. It's no wonder that this corner of paradise is highly sought after by wealthy individuals who decide to purchase luxury apartments and...

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Where to Buy Luxury Properties in the Cinque Terre


The Cinque Terre in Liguria represents one of the many jewels nestled in Italy's precious natural heritage. While along the Ligurian coast to the west, the landscape is characterized by olive trees and vineyards, magnificent perched villages, and long beaches, to the east, where the Cinque Terre...

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Luxury Real Estate in Europe: Where to Invest


Europe is becoming an increasingly attractive market for the "super-rich," especially due to significant infrastructure developments in European capitals and beyond, fueling strong tourism. There are many good reasons to invest in luxury real estate in Europe: to live there, to have a second...

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How to create a luxury spa at home


Creating a spa at home might seem like a dream, but if you have enough space, it can become a reality without spending excessive amounts. Costs are significant, but projects can be put together to accommodate most budgets. Spa stands for "salus per aquam," a term referring to a universe...

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Where to buy luxury homes on the islands in Italy?


Whether they are villas, apartments, or penthouses, owning a luxury apartment on an island is a dream to live with wide-open eyes. Dream properties to live in all year round or to use as a second home for summer vacations or as an investment. Luxury homes on Italian islands can come in...

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What are the luxury properties to buy in Italy?


In such a complex economic context, there is a sector in Italy that seems to be unaffected by the crisis, namely the luxury real estate market. The numbers speak for themselves: between May 2022 and September 2023, over 3,000 properties were identified and traded, with an average price of 1.6...

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Where to buy luxury real estate in Italy?


Where is it convenient to invest in luxury real estate in Italy? This question has resurfaced in recent times, thanks to the renewed interest in luxury properties in the beautiful country. It's interesting to note that over the last 24 months, there has been a significant increase in the...

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How to furnish a luxury home?


What can't be missing in a luxury home? The question is legitimate since the word "luxury" has been too easily cleared into the real estate market and there is a risk of causing a bit of confusion. In this article we analyze in detail what a luxury home must have and what the distinctive...

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Luxforsale and Airbnb Luxe: the partnership is renewed!


An innovative partnership in the luxury real estate sector is also renewed for 2024: Luxforsale and Airbnb Luxe together again! In an era in which the luxury experience merges with the convenience of online research, Luxforsale could only build a valuable partnership with Airbnb Luxe, the hub...

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Buying a luxury home in Italy: taxes to pay


What are the taxes for purchasing a luxury home? Are any discounts available? When can a house be considered luxury? These are the questions that echo in the heads of those who are thinking of making an investment in a luxury home and we have created this article to clarify and give transparent...

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The future prospects are quite ambitious for the managers of the "Bella Versilia Immobiliare" agency, Grazia Palagi and Guglielmo Francini, who in the Versilia area put their experience and expertise in the luxury real estate sector at the service of their customers. “Both in our reference...

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Where to buy luxury properties in Trentino Alto-Adige?


Trentino Alto-Adige is certainly one of the most enchanting Italian regions, where luxury embraces a unique landscape, both in summer and winter. But where to buy valuable properties in Trentino? Trentino Alto-Adige, with its enchanting landscape and unmistakable atmosphere, is one of the...

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Discovering the luxury location most loved by Italians!


Like every year, also in 2023 the Luxforsale Race has decreed the luxury resort most loved by Italians. Last year it was Porto Cervo that triumphed, and this year? The fascination towards places considered the center of luxury never dies. This is why Luxforsale annually launches a challenge...

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Would you like to buy valuable properties in Dubai? Here are all the reasons to choose this destination Dubai, the city of excess and innovative architectural wonders, has become an increasingly attractive destination for luxury property buyers in recent years. Luxforsale, the number 1...

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Where to buy luxury properties in Lazio?


Sea or mountain? Historic center or countryside? Here is everything you need to know for those looking for luxury properties to buy in Lazio Lazio is the heart of Italy. The Eternal City is located here, but also a huge array of localities and towns capable of offering a vast range of...

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Where to buy luxury homes in Apulia?


What are the best offers for luxury real estate in Apulia? Here is the analysis of Luxforsale! Puglia is one of the gems of Southern Italy. History, coastal landscape, clear sea blend with a rich culture and delicious cuisine. It is not surprising, therefore, that those looking for luxury...

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Brotto INVEST from Cittadella


Among the characteristics that contribute to "making a difference" in the luxury real estate market, of course, experience in the industry plays a significant role. Mauro Brotto, Head of Brotto INVEST in Cittadella (Padua), provided us with insights into the agency's activities, as well as the...

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Luxforsale: a unique convention on the new horizons of luxury!


On 2 December 2023, a unique event on Luxury Real Estate will be held in Milan, designed by Luxforsale to define the scenarios of the future of luxury real estate and to present unique innovations in the panorama of the luxury real estate market. Do you operate in the luxury real estate world?...

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Luxury real estate: trends for 2024


The luxury real estate market always travels independently with respect to economic and social trends. As can be seen from our 2023 Observatory, it is a world in constant evolution and growth, often also in strong contrast with social dynamics. Think about the shocks of recent years: pandemic,...

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Where to buy a luxury estate in Umbria?


Hundreds of luxury properties for sale in Umbria, an average price (as reported by Luxforsale's 2023 Observatory of around 1.5 million and, above all, a huge offer that ranges from castles, farmhouses and unique villas. This is Umbria, one of the most enchanting regions of the country, nestled...

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Summer or winter, the charm of the Aosta Valley always remains intact. The splendid locations of this region nestled in the heart of the Italian Alps are always highly sought after by lovers of luxury. There are those who want it in the winter period, where skiing and the highly equipped...

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Farmhouses for sale targeted by foreign buyers


Central-Southern Italy, with its picturesque hilly landscapes, rolling vineyards and centuries-old olive groves, is experiencing an extraordinary surge in interest and purchases of farmhouses and farms by foreign buyers, especially North Americans. This trend was significantly amplified by the...

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Where to buy luxury homes in the Marche region?


Looking for luxury homes in the picturesque Marche region? Absolutely yes, this splendid region on the Adriatic coast is attracting more and more interest from lovers of luxury, thanks to its ability to blend natural beauty with a fascinating historical background and a refined lifestyle. Today,...

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Where to buy luxury homes in Sardinia?


In the international panorama of luxury, Sardinia shines like a precious gem. Few regions in the world are in fact closely linked with the concept of luxury as the Sardinian reality. The reasons are quite obvious: crystal clear waters, pristine beaches and a Mediterranean climate make the island...

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Mortgage for luxury homes: yes for 70% of buyers


The luxury real estate market has always aroused strong interest from high-spending buyers looking for prestigious properties and stable investments, but unlike what one might think, even those who buy luxury properties want a mortgage, even if it is partial. It is an interesting trend that...

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Our "journey" continues to discover the Luxforsale certified agencies located in various Italian locations. This time it's up to the Elite Immobiliare Srl agency: we interviewed the Manager Mrs. Maia Hristova, to learn about the dynamics and prospects of the market for prestigious properties in...

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Luxforsale seeks Property Manager to expand their network


Are you a Property Manager and do you want to address a target of luxury clients? That's why choose Luxforsale partnership Luxforsale, a leading real estate platform in the luxury market, is looking for Property Managers to expand its network. The research starts from two incontrovertible...

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Real estate luxury: the future is (also) short-term rentals


The popularity of short-term rentals is growing, a new revolution in the luxury real estate industry. What are the reasons? If there is a real estate sector that knows no crisis, it is the market that revolves around luxury properties. Our 2023 Observatory also demonstrates this: the average...

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Who cares about luxury real estate? Luxforsale data


Like every year, the 2023 Luxforsale Observatory analyzed the similar interests of users who visit our portal. Two confirmations…and a surprise! It goes without saying that the luxury real estate market is of interest to high-spending people who want to buy residences equipped with every...

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Digital nomads looking for real estate luxury


More and more digital nomads looking for luxury properties. The reasons are different, from choosing a 5-star location for your creative journey to real estate flipping A new trend is invading the world of luxury real estate: the charge of digital nomads! In fact, more and more smart workers...

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Observatory 2023 Luxforsale: visits from abroad increase!


Trend of the luxury real estate market? Like every Luxforsale publishes the luxury real estate observatory. Luxforsale's annual report on luxury properties offers confirmations and many surprises. The first? Visits from abroad are significantly increasing! 3,317 properties, more than 2,000...

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Who to trust in selling a luxury home in Rome?


Do you have to sell a luxury home in Rome? As you can imagine, this operation requires special attention and in-depth knowledge of the high-end real estate market, typical of the Italian capital. If you want to obtain an effective and satisfactory sale, it is essential to rely on expert and...

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Who can I rely on to sell my luxury home


If you own a luxury home and have decided to put it on the market, finding the right real estate agent for the sale is of utmost importance. Selling a prestigious property requires in-depth knowledge of the luxury real estate market and specialized marketing strategies. Here are some tips on how...

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Pleasure: Free webinar to introduce Luxforsale


Real estate luxury is a fascinating concept that goes beyond fashion and time. It is bound to endure and attract new customers every day. The Luxforsale portal was born for this very reason, to open the doors of luxury real estate to anyone who wishes to explore it. Both those who are looking...

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Why invest in the luxury real estate market in Valtellina?


As it is well known, investing in luxury real estate can be an interesting option for those seeking a classy residence or looking to diversify their portfolio and achieve consistent long-term returns. Valtellina, a splendid mountainous area in Lombardy, is undoubtedly one of the most...

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Great success at the Luxforsale event in Albania


The 20 April 2023 will certainly be a date to remember for the Albanian real estate ecosystem and the entire Balkans. At the Plaza Hotel in Tirana Luxforsale and Heritage presented their projects, which see them interact to exploit the enormous potential of the Balkan real estate market. The...

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Luxforsale summons the influencers!


To excel in the market you have to be innovative, right? Here then is that Luxforsale still looks towards the future of communication and calls together all the influencers specialized in the travel, holidays and real estate sectors! That's right: the new frontier for the promotion of our...

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Why buy luxury properties in Chianti?


Without a doubt, one of the most loved areas in Italy is Chianti, a wine region located in the heart of Tuscany, famous for its hilly landscapes, vineyards, cypresses and historic cities. Not only that, Chianti is also known for its countless luxury real estate properties, which attract buyers...

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Luxforsale presents itself to the Albanian market


Luxforsale, the most important luxury real estate hub in Italy, is preparing to expand its brand beyond national borders and lands in Albania. The presentation event of Luxforsale projects in Tirana, scheduled for 20 April 2023 at the Plaza Hotel, will see the participation of the leading...

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Academy Luxforsale: training for luxury real estate operators


The luxury real estate market is constantly growing, and the number of clients interested in buying or selling high-end properties is increasing. But what is the best way to be successful in Real Estate Luxury? Luxforsale's answer is simple: acquire specific knowledge and the right skills to...

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Where to buy a luxury home in Liguria


Buying a luxury home in Liguria is an interesting idea that has significant positive implications. It is certainly a lively territory, rich in facets, attractive from a tourist point of view and well connected. There are more well-known locations, others less renowned, but when the goal is to...

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The supply of luxury properties in Franciacorta is growing


Franciacorta, a renowned wine area in Lombardy, is becoming increasingly popular with investors looking for luxury properties. The increase in demand has led to an increase in the supply of upscale properties across the region. What are the reasons that give Franciacorta appeal? Why is the...

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Luxury properties in the Langhe: interest is growing!


Romantic, passionate, food and wine, hilly. Adjectives are wasted for the Langhe, a region located in Piedmont, which has become an increasingly desired attraction by tourists and a popular destination even among buyers of luxury properties. And our portal certifies what is written: in just a...

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Albania and Montenegro: is it time to invest in real estate?


As you know, investing in emerging real estate markets can offer significant opportunities for asset growth and portfolio diversification. Obviously, each choice must be carefully evaluated, because where there are large profit margins there are also higher risks. Among the opportunities that...

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Why do Americans buy luxury properties in Italy?


Americans have long been drawn to the allure of luxury homes in Italy. From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the picturesque coastlines of the Amalfi Coast, the country offers a wide variety of options for those looking for a high-end property. One of the main reasons Americans are drawn...

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Milan 2023: the price of luxury properties is growing!


A new trend is shuffling the cards in luxury real estate: the growth in the prices of luxury homes in Milan. The Lombard capital thus shows itself to be the driving horse of northern Italy, also confirming its geographical and cultural centrality throughout Europe. But what are the reasons for...

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Why buy luxury homes in Italy? Top 7 reasons


Buying a luxury home in Italy: sevenreasons: 1 Landscape beauty: Italy is famous for its scenic beauty, with its hills, mountains, coastlines, and historic cities attracting many foreigners looking for a luxury home surrounded by nature. 2 History and culture: Italy has a rich...

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Buying a luxury home on Lake Garda


Buying a luxury home on Lake Garda has always been the dream of many Italian and foreign buyers (especially Northern Europeans), a trend that is growing year after year Among the most suggestive tourist destinations in Italy, but also in Europe, there is Lake Garda. The area bordering this...

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Luxury real estate: 2023 design trends


Design is a fundamental aspect for luxury properties, as it helps to create the unique atmosphere and exclusivity required by those looking for these types of properties. Furthermore, luxury properties are often designed by internationally renowned architects and designers, capable of creating...

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Modern luxury penthouses in Italy


Living in a modern luxury penthouse is a growing trend. Luxury penthouses by the sea, mountain or lake, but the dream of many Italians is to live in a luxury penthouse in the city. According to a study carried out by Luxforsale, in fact, over 56% of people who live in the city would like a...

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Castles for sale and rent in Italy


Castles for sale and for rent in Italy, how many are there? Let's find out together... In Italy there are over 25,000 castles and fortresses for sale, most of which are part of our nation's cultural heritage, many of these are owned by individual families and several thousand castles are for...

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Buy luxury homes on Lake Maggiore


A house or a luxury villa on Lake Maggiore? Being a rather suggestive and prestigious tourist resort (many VIPs fall in love with this area and buy luxury villas and residences on Lake Maggiore), investing in a property is quite demanding and expensive. Naturally, precisely for this reason,...

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What luxury homes are foreigners looking for in Italy?


It's no secret that foreign buyers are looking for property in Italy. But what are their needs and how do they differ from those of Italian buyers? In this article, we'll explore the types of homes that international buyers are most interested in buying. If you're looking to sell a...

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How Proptech is revolutionizing real estate, even in luxury


Proptech is an English word that stands for "Property Technology". It refers, in detail, to a new business model that uses innovative technologies and solutions in the real estate sector, both for companies operating in this field and for individual property owners. Let's find out more in...

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Luxforsale is also in Albania! From today, investors or customers interested in the real estate world in the Balkan area will be able to find the Luxforsale brand also in Albania The experience of Dorian Husi, serial investor and stakeholder of various companies, CEO of Hawk Services,...

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Inflation: how will it affect the luxury real estate market?


The increase in renunciation - although somewhat expected by the experts - is forcing the economic macro-sectors to review their strategies, including luxury real estate. The Istat revelation of October 2022 stopped the percentage at 11.8%, a worrying figure that differs greatly from the trend...

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Where to buy a luxury home on Lake Como


Buying a luxury home on Lake Como: where and why? Due to its particular landscape configuration, Lake Como can be defined as a luxury tourist area that boasts great consideration by tourists and visitors from all over the world. The fact that it lies at the foot of the Alps makes Lake Como a...

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Multinationals are looking for luxury properties in Italy


Foreign multinationals, banks, famous fashion brands, insurance and financial companies, both Italian and foreign. Here is a brief description of the large companies that are rapidly spurring the demand for luxury properties in Italy. What are the reasons? And which are the most popular cities?...

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GLAMPING: Luxforsale presents the “luxury home in camping


A luxury camping house, but is it possible? Of course it is called Glamping, a sector in which Luxforsale strongly believes and is ready to accompany landowners or investors in the start-up of this new ecological, sustainable and high-margin business. The word "glamping" is a word that...

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The luxury real estate trends for 2023


What are the luxury real estate trends for next year? We find out in this in-depth study by Luxforsale Over the past few years, the real estate sector has seen a sharp increase in demand for luxury properties. According to a recent study, this trend is expected to continue into 2023. The...

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Luxury chalet in the mountains in Italy


When you think of buying a luxury chalet in Italy, what comes to your mind? Imagine spending the winter skiing in the mountains and the summer relaxing on your terrace with an espresso or a swim in the pool. In Italy it is possible to realize this dream, thanks to a consolidated tradition in...

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The dream of a luxury tree house


If you've always dreamed of living in a tree house but thought it was just a fantasy, think again. The dream of a luxury tree house You have probably dreamed of building a tree house. It is an ancient dream, which dates back to when we were nomadic hunters. The desire to escape the city...

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Luxury villas by the sea in Italy: where to find them


Having a house by the sea in Italy is the desire of many people. The luxury real estate market, in particular, aims to offer different solutions to meet the varied needs of buyers. First of all, the desire for relaxation and privacy without sacrificing comfort. Italy offers many opportunities...

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Luxury Prefab Homes? Now it´s possible


Among the trends unearthed by Luxforsale there is a growing interest in luxury prefabricated homes on the part of buyers. Where does this new love come from? Let's find out in the article. It almost seems an oxymoron to combine two terms such as prefabricated houses and luxury. But...

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Luxury homes in Puglia: where to buy?


If there is an Italian region that has been experiencing an exploit in the real estate sector in recent years, it is undoubtedly Puglia. The Apulian territory is vast and varied, from north to south it is rich in breathtaking landscapes, "postcard" tourist locations, places full of luxuriant...

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Where to buy luxury homes in Tuscany?


Made up mostly of a hilly and mountainous territory, Tuscany is one of the Italian regions unique cities of art in the world, places surrounded by greenery and, then, moving along the coast, renowned and excellent tourist resorts. Florence, the regional capital, is among the most important...

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The collaboration between Luxforsale and Airbnb Luxe is born


With great satisfaction, Luxforsale announces that it has reached a collaboration agreement with the prestigious Airbnb Luxe portal. Airbnb Luxe is the area of ​​the Airbnb portal containing a selection of the most extraordinary accommodations in the world with excellent quality standards....

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Why buy the second luxury home


It sounds incredible, but in this historical moment it is convenient to buy the second luxury home. And the market data confirms this Until before the pandemic, the second home market did not contemplate luxury. High costs and a constantly growing real estate market prevented this type of...

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Luxury Tiny House: functionality and minimalism


Among the great trends of recent years is the discovery of the Tiny Houses, very small houses with great functionality. But how to combine small spaces and luxury? Among the trends that we have often highlighted in our blog is the need to purchase luxury properties that have ample living...

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India is on the way to luxury


Indian tycoons are increasingly investing in luxury real estate. A trend absolutely confirmed also by our surveys. From the 2022 Observatory drawn up by www.luxforsale.it we had seen a slight increase in visits from India, but in all honesty we thought it was a natural repositioning of the...

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The best neighborhoods to buy luxury homes in Treviso


The city of Treviso has very ancient origins: some finds and documents date back to the Bronze Age, but the first certain information on the birth of the city refers to the Roman period. Treviso certainly became an important and strategic center from the Middle Ages until the twelfth century,...

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Properties, good refuge for many people.


People choose property, especially a luxury one, as a safe haven. What are the reasons? The whole world is going through one of the most complicated historical moments since the post-war period, covid and conflict in Ukraine have created strong instability on the markets, causing a negative...

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Sicily: the region most loved by those who dream of luxury.


According to data from the new Luxforsale 2022 Observatory, just published, Sicily is the most sought-after region by those who want luxury properties. Numbers never lie when it comes to luxury. Likewise, it rarely betrays Sicily, which is increasingly loved thanks to its enormous historical...

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The buyer of luxury properties: sporty, elegant, informed


What is the identikit of the high-spending buyer who wants luxury properties? Let's find out with the new data coming from the next 2022 Luxforsale Observatory We are not investigators, but we are extremely data lovers. The numbers, in fact, allow us to get to know the luxury real estate...

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Luxury lofts: why does everyone love them?


The luxury loft market is always on the rise and particularly popular with celebrities and artists. Here are the reasons for this in-depth study by Luxforsale. Everyone is crazy about the luxury loft! This seems to be one of the trends in luxury real estate in recent years, as evidenced by...

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What are the best places on Lake Garda to buy luxury homes


Imagine opening the window of your home and finding a placid lake that calms the eyes and mind. Those who have visited the area of ​​Garda and its surroundings know well what it means to be able to admire the spectacle of the lake up close, perhaps immersed in total relaxation while sipping...

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Where VIPs and their homes in Italy live


There is always a certain curiosity about the lifestyle habits of famous people. What arouses most interest is the place where they have chosen to live, and above all the houses in which they live. Many wonder where their favorite football player or other VIPs loved and appreciated by the public...

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The prices of the Luxury Real Estate remain high. Here because


The war in Ukraine is falling like a tsunami on all economic sectors, but the prices of luxury properties remain stable. Because? First there was Covid: it seemed on the verge of bringing the luxury real estate market to its knees and instead it turned into an incredible driving force for the...

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Hi-Tech and metaverse to the conquest of Real Estate Luxury


The luxury real estate market has a new driving force: the metaverse. The implementation of hi-tech elements linked to the Internet of Things is literally rewriting the idea of ​​Luxury. We had already anticipated it in this article dedicated to the entry of the NFT universe into luxury...

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The best areas to buy a luxury home in Capri


Buying luxury homes in Capri: where and why? If they told you that Capri, along with a few others, is one of the real estate markets that knows no crisis, would you believe it? Although it is difficult to think so, in a period of economic recession like this one, the data confirms that this...

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Luxury real estate: who will be the new Russians?


With the worsening of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, the world of luxury real estate is wondering about the future. Here is who the new Russians will be according to the Luxforsale studies. Since February 24, 2022, the world has literally changed. After the upheavals caused by the pandemic...

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Why buy a house abroad?


More and more Italians are investing in properties abroad. REVALUATION Some foreign countries offer a revaluation of the property in the short / medium term as the Canaries have shown in the last 6 years or Berlin itself in the recent past, thanks to the fact that it is possible to invest in...

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NFT in real estate: what if it were the future?


How is NFT innovation progressing? Simple, it is slowly investing all sectors, not real estate. Here's what to know At Luxforsale we are always attentive to even the smallest news regarding the luxury real estate world. In this context, we cannot avoid talking about how one of the greatest...

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Luxury Homes: Design Trends for 2022


Sustainability, wellness and precious materials: this is how 2022 is forewarned of design within luxury. An in-depth analysis of Luxforsale. Our research on the main trends for 2022 does not stop. In this article we focus on a fundamental component of the luxury real estate market: luxury...

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Real Estate Luxury: the trend for 2022


After the upsurge of 2021, Real Estate Luxury is preparing for another great year. Here are the trends that will dominate 2022 in the analysis of Luxforsale. Given the ongoing health emergency, 2021 was surprising for Real Estate Luxury. Faced with this imperious rise, the Luxforsale...

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Luxury homes: the best neighborhoods to shop in Rimini


Anyone who thinks that Rimini is simply a "city of the sea" like many others, is very wrong. This town, one of the most renowned on the Romagna Riviera, is a melting pot of art, nature, history and culture. However, anyone who decides to buy a luxury home in Rimini must know which are the best...

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Luxury homes: the best neighborhoods to buy in Paris


In the collective imagination it is considered the most romantic city in the world. In addition to being the European capital most visited by tourists, Paris is also a very popular destination for investors. Buying a luxury home in this city is considered a profitable investment, for more than...

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Softub: a corner of pure well-being directly to your home


Softub is a hydromassage mini-pool synonymous with individuality, environmental awareness and maximum flexibility. Revitalizing massages thanks to ergonomically positioned water jets to tone the body and practical underwater LED lighting, will allow you to recreate a relaxing environment and...

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Buying a luxury home: the right tips to avoid mistakes


Buying prestigious real estate is certainly not a walk in the park. Anyone wishing to buy a luxury home must try to avoid some mistakes that could affect the whole process. In order for the purchase to be perfected in the most correct way, it is essential to follow some precautions. The first...

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The best neighborhoods to buy luxury homes in London


London is a modern and avant-garde European city. Despite having a rich and long history behind it, it is one of the most open and multi-ethnic capitals in the world. In addition to being a tourist destination of great interest due to the many attractions present, London has recently...

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Luxury homes in Bolzano: the best areas to buy


Trentino Alto-Adige stands out among the Italian regions for its excellent quality of life and the presence of efficient infrastructures, which are at the forefront. The capital, Bolzano, is made up of a majority of inhabitants who speak the Italian language and a remainder who instead speak the...

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The best neighborhoods to buy luxury homes in Pescara


An Italian town renowned for the quality of life is undoubtedly Pescara. Located in a strategic geographical point (in the center of Italy, it is well connected to both the North and the South of the country), this charming coastal town is quite attractive both from an urban and tourist point of...

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Luxury hotel for sale: it´s on the hunt!


Bill Gates in the first place, but not only! The big players are desperately looking for luxury hotels, this is the figure that emerges from the luxforsale observatory developed in the second quarter of 2021. If 2019 and 2020 registered the first signs of a real luxury race, 2021 is the...

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Luxury homes in Bari: the best neighborhoods to buy


Bari, the Apulian capital of great historical and architectural value. Hundreds of tourists arrive in this charming coastal city at any time of the year, to visit the beauties of the place and venerate the relics of San Nicola and the suggestive Basilica dedicated to him. The...

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Luxury homes in Rome


Just take a tour of Rome and take a look at the splendid terraces overlooking the squares to get an idea of ​​what it means to own a luxury home in the capital. Many choose Rome to live there permanently because it is a fascinating and at the same time cosmopolitan city, full of stimuli and...

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Luxury homes in Siena


Tuscany is one of the most fascinating and rich in history Italian regions. But it is equally renowned for its lush greenery and suggestive hills. For this reason, in recent times, the demand for luxury properties has grown in the main towns of the region, but also in the surrounding...

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Luxury homes in Milan


"More than the trend of the luxury real estate market, which fortunately has remained almost stable, the needs and purchasing habits of individual customers have recently changed". Thus begins Angelo Acquafresca, Manager for the Monza, Milan and Brianza area of ​​the "Casa & Style"...

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Luxury homes in Lecce


Those who called it "the Florence of the South" were certainly not wrong. Lecce is one of the southern cities richest in history and monuments, which every year attracts tourists from all over the world for its architectural beauties and suggestive local traditions. Lecce is the cradle of...

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Luxury apartments in Caltanissetta


Sicily is a very attractive area from different points of view: first of all, the island is among the most popular tourist destinations for those looking for a holiday dedicated to luxury and comfort. But it is also a destination chosen by those who want to get away from the gray and chaotic...

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When is a property considered luxury?


In defining and evaluating when a home should be considered "luxury" it is easy to get confused. The legislation has undergone changes over time, so it is important to understand which legal texts to refer to in order not to be mistaken. Fortunately, while in the past ample space was given to...

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Super luxury properties yes, but with Yacht or Helicopter!


It has now been established that Summer 2021 is the year of the relaunch for luxury real estate and tourism in Italy. Russian and Arab tycoons, American jet set personalities such as Magic Johnson, Samuel Lee Jackson, Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as the usual suspects such as George Clooney have...

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Luxury homes New York


The charm of the Big Apple is always current. More than ever in this historical period, in which there is a general decline in the purchase and sale price of properties, including prestigious ones. Those who had the opportunity to spend a short time in New York were certainly struck by it: the...

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Independent houses for sale


"Independent houses for sale" is the keyword most sought after by buyers of luxury properties in recent months. It seems that among the effects of the pandemic there is also a change in purchase interests by buyers of prestigious properties. In fact, if pre-covid research was equally divided...

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How to sell luxury homes in Italy to foreigners


Italy is one of the most attractive countries for foreigners, for various reasons. Our country is rich in natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, Italians are welcoming, sunny and full of resources. Throughout the national territory there are real estate agencies specialized in buying and...

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Luxforsale presents the new partnership with libero.it


Luxforsale, a portal specialized in the luxury real estate market, recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with Libero.it, one of the most visited portals in Italy. "The choice to be present on a prestigious showcase such as libero.it, aims to provide more and more...

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How to sell Luxury Houses quickly and well


To sell a luxury property, 2 requests and some forethought are enough As every year, the Luxforsale Studies Office publishes the Observatory on the luxury real estate market, examining data and statistics. One of the questions that the owners of luxury homes and consequently the real estate...

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The castle in Italy is the dream home of millionaires!


For castle owners this is the best time to sell. The luxury real estate market in Italy is in turmoil and continues to record increasing trends. The requests for particular properties are growing above all, therefore with much higher prices. Among the various types, undoubtedly the most...

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Luxury homes: The best areas to buy in Verona


Few can resist the charm of Verona, a thousand-year-old city rich in history, surrounded by the Adige river. Known by most to be the city of Romeo and Juliet, the most famous lovers of all time, Verona is an architectural jewel that boasts a historical and monumental heritage of great...

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The best neighborhoods to buy luxury homes in Palermo


From the annual observatory on the luxury real estate market, it emerged that Sicily is the fifth most sought after region, but Palermo is the most sought after city in Italy. The great historical / cultural charm of the Sicilian capital, the tourist revival of the whole region and the numerous...

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The best luxury real estate agencies


We assume that there is no ranking of the best real estate agencies, much less those that deal with an extremely complicated sector such as that of luxury real estate. Undoubtedly, however, both the buyer and the seller of luxury homes need a very high performance service. The former in...

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The effects of Covid on the luxury real estate market


The luxury demand in Italy does not stop, but the effects of the pandemic are being felt. The luxury real estate market develops new trends, changing supply and demand based on the particular moment we are experiencing. With the number of customers in the luxury sector remaining unchanged or...

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What is Wellness Real Estate and why it is so popular


The luxury real estate sector is constantly growing, and the new trends are very interesting. Among those for which great prospects are expected in the coming years, Wellness Real Estate is among the most followed by Millenians and by buyers of luxury properties. The principle on which this...

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Sophie: the fun furnishing project by designer Layla Mehdi Pour


Layla Mehdi Pour is a young designer, Iranian by birth and Italian by adoption, who loves to create design objects in the name of fun, color and extreme adaptability. In fact, her work is based on the reinterpretation of everyday objects through a playful and refined look, transforming them into...

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Awareness is the result of study, reflection and compromise a triptych that repeats itself over time. We live in a dynamic world where regulations and the economic context are constantly changing and less and less can be said I DID NOT KNOW because often the legal system leaves us the arduous...

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Selling a prestigious property: and then ...


Having a valuable property certainly makes you happy from many points of view: you have a precious jewel in your hands, it can represent the sacrifice of a life or the realization of a dream, but what not to forget is an asset that can have a steadily increasing commercial value. I am a...

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Higold Milano: the NOFI collection expands with two new models


What's more beautiful than a garden? A perfectly furnished garden! And Higold Milano, through its collections of outdoor furniture ranging from classic to modern design, is ready to meet the needs of everyone, even the most "difficult" customers, thanks to a wide choice of styles and materials...

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The art consultant for luxury properties


Art shakes the dust accumulated in everyday life from the soul, wrote Pablo Picasso. A short and concise representation, which defines art as the center of our life. Currently the art consultant represents a figure widely spread in the United States, England and Germany. Lately its importance...

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Interior Design and the latest trends for 2020


Born thanks to the mechanized production of the industrial revolution, the concept of design will be theorized in the first decades of the 1900s with the school founded by Gropius and called "la Bauhaus". In this school of design and applied arts a design methodology was experimented aimed at...

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Summer 2019 real estate market at Lake Garda


According to some data collected by on-site real estate operators, the prices in the Garda hinterland are stable and there is also a contraction in sales times. Purchases of houses for income with short or seasonal rentals have grown. The demand is based on small cuts that are invested and then...

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Milan remains one of the Italian cities with the most demand and supply of prestigious properties. According to some statistics, the luxury home market in Milan is very dynamic compared to that of other European cities. Let's talk about a two-month trading period. Milan particularly likes...

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The social design by IOTA Project


Design furnishing accessories and home decorations, all rigorously handmade using artisan techniques, creating at the same time jobs for people who are otherwise unemployed all over the world, allowing them to earn an honest life, is the vision behind to the creations of IOTA. A vision...

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Donald Trump´s childhood home for sale


Do you want to know how to live in the home of a future president of the United States? Well, then you may be interested to know that the house where he spent his childhood the current president, Donald Trump, is for sale. Located in New York, Queens, this is a Tudor style house that is 2500...

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Nicolas Thomkins - a world-renowned designer


Nicolas Thomkins, born in 1953 in Ascona, Switzerland and based in Germany, is an internationally renowned designer with a deep knowledge of materials and a maniacal attention to detail. Its design focuses on the 360 ​​° product and the sensorial experience user...

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Luxury real estate in Bari: the most requested types


If you love Southern Italy and want to buy a luxury property then you can not consider Bari. The capital of Puglia, this city has a promenade considered one of the most beautiful in Italy. And after all it could not be otherwise, since it overlooks the crystalline Apulian sea. To further...

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Lending Crowdfunding this stranger


Have you already heard of "Lending Crowdfunding"? Maybe you heard someone say this name but you did not pay much attention. It is one of the emerging markets in the United States and is taking its first steps successfully also in Italy. What is it? Simple, at least in words: Lending...

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Yolk Design Studio - narrants with a strong emotional charge


Tuorlo Design Studio is a young design studio in Florence that deals with product and communication and works in collaboration with Italian artisan companies, with whom it develops its products by following the entire production process. Design products with a strong emotional charge that...

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Luxury real estate in Milan: the most requested types


A city known and appreciated all over the world, Milan is undoubtedly one of the most sought after destinations for those who want to buy a luxury property. It is not by chance that this is one of the Italian cities that has seen a greater increase in the sector in the last few...

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Mario Pagliaro: innovation, design and resistance


Essentiality and simplicity in the birch furniture of the Neapolitan designer Mario Pagliaro, born in 1981, designer of furnishing accessories in wood and cardboard and one passion for drawing, thus describes his idea of ​​making design: "I never know where to...

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Meryl Streep sells $ 24.6 million super penthouse in New York


Were you fascinated by the beauty and skill of Maryl Streep and would you like to live like her? Well, you will be interested to know that the famous American actress has sold her super penthouse in the heart of New York for a sum equal to 24.6 million dollars, or 21.3 million euros. It...

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Dubai: A personalized investment choice


Deciding to invest one's own capital or savings in the foreign real estate sector and in particular in a property overseas, we can say that this decision leads to invest not only in that particular property or land, but also in the economy of the country itself. One of the most important...

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Precious buildings: the best neighborhoods to buy in Bologna


First city to host a university in history and famous for its good cuisine, Bologna is one of the most popular cities in Italy. Starting from the Portici, passing through the famous avenues, up to the symbolic monuments of the city, or the Two Towers and the statue of Neptune, located in Piazza...

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ACCANTO - a combination of tradition and innovation


Next door ... perfect name for such a versatile and exclusive item. A mirror in which two people can reflect one next to the other, each having its own living space, a design object that revolves revealing the surprising practical use with a hanger. A mirror made thanks to...

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Luxury homes in Trieste: here´s where to buy


Trieste is without a shadow of doubt one of the most known and appreciated cities of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Considered a bridge city between western and central-southern Europe, it is able to mix Mediterranean and Central European characters. Its port is the largest and most important in Italy...

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Turin: is the villa ready for Cristiano Ronaldo in the hills?


Juventus - Cristiano Ronaldo, a winning combination that is making the millions of Old Lady's fans dream around the world. A possible transfer of the Portuguese champion, however, would not only bring an important added value to the Juventus team, but also important news on the real estate...

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Luxury homes: the best neighborhoods to buy in Naples


Naples is an open-air museum, where each neighborhood allows you to take a dip in the past and learn about historical events and legends of a city that is considered a real treasure trove of art, beauty and culture. The third most populous city in Italy, Naples has always been appreciated...

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Hysteria Art Gallery - a new space for contemporary art


On Thursday 7 June, a new reality was officially inaugurated within the eclectic LAMARI Creative Shopping showroom in via Alfredo Cappellini, 20: the Secret Gallery Hysteria Art. A new unconventional space dedicated to Contemporary art, born from the attention that theinteriordesign.it (TID)...

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The market for luxury homes in Florence


Destination every year of millions of tourists, Florence can be considered as the cradle of Italian culture Thanks to the presence of some true artistic and architectural masterpieces of the Renaissance and the birthplace of famous personalities such as Dante Alighieri, the Tuscan capital is...

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Luxury real estate: the best areas to buy in Genoa


If you want to buy a luxury property in a prestigious neighborhood, then you can not consider Genoa. The Ligurian capital, in fact, is the Italian city with the highest number of luxury homes compared to the national average and for this reason more and more people are interested in buying a...

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Luxury real estate Rome: the best areas to buy


We continue with our guide to the most popular areas where you can buy luxury properties in large Italian cities. Today we talk about the capital, the beautiful eternal city that in recent years has experienced a real boom in requests. Rome, in fact, is one of the most sought after cities for...

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Luxury real estate: the best areas to buy in Milan


The luxury real estate market does not stop and among the cities to have recorded the greatest increase in this sector there is obviously Milan. The city, in fact, has been the protagonist in recent years of numerous projects aimed at redeveloping the various districts that have helped to give a...

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Onda - the new collection of Higold signed by Pininfarina


After the Higold headquarters in Shunde, presented in March 2017, the second project born from the collaboration between Higold and Pininfarina was presented during the Fuorisalone 2018: ONDA. A collection of outdoor furniture designed to blend into different types of environment, and at the...

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It is Luxforsale to win the prestigious matching day award. After a period of several months, the result was a parterre of imported investors, who considered Luxforsale the best business proposal among the ten who arrived in the final. The event took place on Friday 23rd February at the...

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The first green residence in Egypt: The Gate Residence.


An eco-friendly luxury residence "covered" by solar panels is an ambitious and extremely innovative project, which should see the light in Egypt on the outskirts of the capital Cairo around 2019, for a total investment of 4 million and a half pounds. This green building, whose internal surface...

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How to sell luxury real estate?


Managing a luxury real estate transaction, even though it may have similarities with classical trading, requires a number of specific skills that are necessary in order not to lose credibility and time. Let's start from time. Managing a luxury real estate transaction is usually much longer,...

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Good-bye banal sitting, welcome Carla Tolomeo.


"Do not rock yourself, sit together!" - who has never heard these words from a child? Almost no one, because everyone's life, at least of us Western, has been conditioned by everyday objects, one of the most common: the chair. 'Obligatory passage' by many designers and architects, from Mies...

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Making the garden for my friend


When you are a garden builder, it is inevitable that the first thing to do when you enter a friend's house or a friend is to look at (and judge) the garden and terrace, or if the surrounding landscape is not well done, though Care and space are harmonious. In this case I will tell you it was the...

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The four-legged world has never been so COOL!


Everything started with the arrival, in the Balletta family, of Papaya, a puppy of Chihuahua. After a disappointing experience regarding the design and functionality of bowls, leash, cot in any pet shop where they needed the new arrivals, they opened in November 2016 a new corner of paradise...

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Nature illuminates with Judith´s inventions!


His works are born as experiments, like games with matter. Judith Byberg was born in 1963 in Roskilde, Denmark. In 1976 he moved to Italy and graduated from high school. He continued his studies at the Politecnico di Milano where he graduated in architecture in 1989. Since 2011 he started...

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Elegance, energy and harmony in the lamps of Adriana Lohmann


Adriana Lohmann embodies a scenic phenomenon, idealizing and producing energy-balanced lamps aimed also at the harmonization of environments and the Eastern Knowledge of Feng Shui-i, with a profound look at the sustainable use of many different materials such as crystals, metals, plastics And...

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Giovanni Minelli was born in Bergamo on December 15, 1976. She studied at Brera at the Academy of Fine Arts, and her first projects were born in this period of training, in a suspended balance between art and industrial design, unique pieces soon exhibited in contemporary art galleries. It is...

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From the flat tax the figure of the personal house hunter, so it changed the luxury real estate market: interview with Luca Licciardi, CEO and founder of Home & luxury srl - Trusted Agency Luxforsale


The first months of 2017 confirm a growing luxury real estate market, with the city of Milan to lead the recovery, as already presaged the strong increase of sales in the last quarter of last year, in which foreign capital accounted for 56% of total investment. In a context which seems to have...

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Invest in accommodation, boom of farms: our best proposals


This is the right time to invest in the tourism sector, in particular in farm formula, which is recording excellent figures already since last summer. According to data collected by Terranostra Coldiretti, the most important national agricultural association for rural tourism, the environment...

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Bonus first house, when the property is considered a luxury?


As is known, the tax breaks for buying a first home does not extend to luxury real estate. However, few know that the identification criteria of luxury classes were changed. Currently in fact they call themselves luxury real estate only the houses belonging to the cadastral categories A / 1, A...

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How to promote luxury real estate!


Promoting a luxury estate is never simple! Before you begin you must first evaluate What a goal you are targeting. With target we mean not exclusively the geographical origin, but also the income band (That even luxury since it varies a Second Product Whether it sells), the social category and...

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Italians have always considered investing in bricks and mortar as the safest way to invest their savings. However, the long downturn in the housing market had discouraged the majority of investors, even frightened by the credit crunch that prevented access to credit: today the situation is quite...

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There is concern, of course, among investors around the world to the instability of the stock and the entire global economy, but the real estate market does not seem to be particularly affected. The figures show that there were records for the sale of some of the most expensive homes, just think...

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Who has never dreamed as a child of being able to live in a castle, like in fairy tales? The idea of ​​buying a princely residence may seem extravagant and expensive, but it can turn out to be a smart investment. This is why in Italy you can find several catelli for sale. Rich in history...

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A safe property investment? The luxury property!


p The beautiful Italian like always and more and more & ugrave; also in emerging nations, in fact, if you confirm the trend of interest from American and northern European, literally exploding Russian users (who had slow down in the previous two years), Chinese, Arabic, English and French....

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Increasingly we hear sellers looking for customers Russian, or Chinese which propose the sale of its luxury property. But really Chinese and Russians are the panacea for all ills? We try to make things clear, dispelling some myths! Certainly in the last 10 years has profoundly changed the...

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It ' just started 2015 and as every year the question we are asked is : how will the luxury real estate market in the coming months . We have tried to answer this question by analyzing the data of visits and requests received by the portal luxforsale , comparing them with the trend of trends...

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BUY HOUSE NEW YORK: Popular areas, and potential returns!


The preparation of www.luxforsale.it interviewed Sara Traverso, real estate broker in New York Reisol Italian company with over thirty years experience in the real estate industry, whose job is to advise and lead the customer to the best investment, reducing risks and maximizing the...

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Alassio, Bordighera and Sanremo locations with the highest number of proposals. Approaching the summer season and as always back the urge to buy the beach house. In a strategic position to Lombardy, Piedmont and Northern Europeans in general, Liguria has always been an ideal destination for...

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How to do and where to turn? The sale of a prestigious building activity is certainly not easy, especially in a time in history where supply exceeds demand. E 'for this reason that it is important to move carefully so as not to devalue the property. Own assessment of the piece is a task...

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What are the best real estate transactions in income? There are yet? Where are they? There are still investors interested? Legitimate questions in a fluctuating market, but to which luxforsale wants to give precise answers. Let's start from the last! Undoubtedly there are still investors and...

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Where to buy and those who buy real estate in Genoa. ... Overlooking the Ligurian Sea, with one of the most important ports in Europe, Genoa has been able to exploit the full potential of Colombiadi to revive a city whose centuries-old history, has left indelible traces of culture, so much so...

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ITALY HOTELS FOR SALE Beware of opportunity, but also a ... The accommodation facilities are always one of the most coveted jobs in the national scene. Activities very challenging, but also very profitable, which just a few years ago were the domain of a small circle of owners unwilling...

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A guide on real estate investments "Investing in bricks and mortar still convenient?" Are not few in today to ask this dilemma. The difficult economic environment and the changing fiscal conditions have alerted a population that has always been the primary ambition as "home", not only by way...

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Como, Garda, Maggiore and Varese does not matter, as long as sale Lago my love! Despite the trade in Italy to come down to the bottom, there is a field of 'healthy real estate and growth: that of luxury, especially on some geographical areas, which seem to benefit from the particular economic...

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"The crisis is the greatest blessing for people and nations," said Einstein! This famous statement seems to fit well in the real estate and tourism in Italy, where a difference of a few years ago, you can find exclusive business for sale. One area always closed and difficult to approach, that...

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Tuscany is the region of Italy that counts the most! Based on a study carried out by www.luxforsale.it property tax on their website that they have a sale price of more than € 5 million, appears to be the Tuscany region with the highest number of "expensive homes" in Italian. A ranking that...

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How to sell luxury properties abroad and those who sell them? In a time when the Italian market is going through a stalemate, the sale of goods abroad becomes an opportunity, even more so if it is valuable properties. While it is true that weakened the economic weaker sections, it is equally...

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THE LIGURIA REGION WITH MORE' HIGH CONCENTRATION OF BUILDINGS OF HONOR IN ITALY! The figure applies to both resident, who per square kilometer. It 'a few days ago that communicated, as according to Istat and Liguria, the region between 2008 and 2011 was affected by the adverse effects of...

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Real estate deals that recall the glories of the past! Few regions in the world can boast of the quality of the property in Puglia, but surely the atmosphere in the "boot of Italy" is unique. One of the longest coastline of the peninsula, an internal wide and flat, but above all an enviable...

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"In your opinion, what are the most beautiful apartments in Italy?" This question is received at our editorial team and that gave us inspiration to try to give an answer, as comprehensive as possible. By analyzing more than 500 luxury apartments in the data base of www.luxforsale.it, it...

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Numerous requests, even from abroad! Land of conquest for millennia, rich in history like few other regions in the world, coveted for its unique features, Sicily has also become sought after by lovers of valuable properties, which remain fascinated by the possibility of experiencing the region...

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The request does not fail! Will be the charm of the lake, is the charm of Italy, will be the charm of places not to be missed: the fact is that the prestigious villas on Lake Garda are one of the types of valuable properties can be found. A further advantage is definitely particularly...

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Valuable houses in the mountains


Case valuable: offers in the mountains! Approaching the winter season and like every year race to find property in the mountains. Also in reference to the houses of value we can say that there are many offerings that reflect the characteristics of luxury properties. Surprisingly, the region...

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Large industrial, Milan is a lively and busy day and night, but also an aggregator of finance, fashion and design. Founded by the Celtic population / Liguria, the capital of Lombardy has always assumed strategic geographical importance, which made it a land of conquest for various empires...

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"Quid melius Rome?" Quoted Ovid. Even today, after two thousand years is hard to argue with the famous Latin poet. Unanimously recognized as one of (if not the) most beautiful city in the world, Rome holds within its historical center, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, countless monuments,...

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Abode of kings and queens, present in many fairy tales and fantastic stories, the castle is more than 1500 years the dream of many. E 'can now take a step back to the Middle Ages and stay in a castle? It looks to be even today, as then, this good fortune, it can happen only to the more...

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If the luxury market is not suffering in Italy, much less abroad. The study carried out by Luxforsale.it emerges that almost 20% of real estate on the site have a figure of more than 5 million euro. Somme certainly important that highlight how the luxury real estate market abroad is...

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PROPERTY FOR SALE IN SARDINIA Every summer, Sardinia becomes a destination for all major moguls in the world, as well as the hundreds of thousands of tourists every year landed on the beaches of one of the islands most coveted in the world. Perhaps because of this, the housing market...

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DEMAND AND SUPPLY NOT MISSING! A phenomenon typical of central Italy In a moment of really complex market in which you are definitely lengthened the time of sale and are pulverized supply and demand, there is a type of property that still manages to attract the attention of buyers: the...

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Here are the most sought after properties in Liguria! No matter where provided with sea view Alassio and Portofino, Camogli or Bordighera? It does not matter as long as apartments with sea views. This seems to be the trend of buyers of real estate in Liguria, if it is true that the...

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VILLA MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLA MORE EXPENSIVE, MORE VILLA LUXURIOUS: WHAT WILL? Often on the blog dedicated to real estate and not only that, one wonders what is the most beautiful villa in Italy, or the most expensive villa in the world, or the most luxurious. Luxforsale.it website devoted...

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Villas and houses are the types of valuable properties the most sought after in Tuscany! Tuscany land rich in history and art, but also of luxury property! Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca are surely among the most visited cities in Italy and probably in Europe, but the real estate assets of...

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Luxury historic residences: a great investment opportunity!


The current economic situation is complicated, however, also generous with numerous opportunities in the property sector especially in the case of luxury. Charming residences and historic homes, never so many luxury properties for sale throughout the country. From the castle, the prestigious...

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Who buy luxury properties in Italy?


Italy holds 70% of the world's artistic and cultural heritage of mankind. If not in the same percentage that goes for luxury homes, therefore it is that the good land is especially sought after by buyers from all over the world. We try to give an identikit to these buyers extrapolating data...

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