Mirko parianotti, real estate agency and prestige consultancy: “lake maggiore, a picturesque and sought-after location“

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There are places that attract tourists more than others, which many choose not only as destinations for day trips and vacations but also as potential places to live and buy property. Lake Maggiore is undoubtedly one of these, both for its characteristics and for its scenic beauty.

We caught up with Mirko Parianotti, who specializes in the real estate market and prestige consultancy specifically regarding the Lake Maggiore area. Based on his direct experience, he provided us with interesting information and news that we want to share with you, readers of Luxforsale.it.

What is the current trend in the real estate market in the area covered by your agency?

In recent years, the real estate market of Lake Maggiore has experienced steady growth, mainly driven by increased demand from local and international buyers seeking the quiet lifestyle that the lake offers. The area's popularity has been further enhanced by its accessibility to Milan and its proximity to Malpensa Airport.

Based on your experience, have you identified a target clientele that turns to your real estate agency?

Lake Maggiore increasingly attracts a high-spending international clientele, composed of Italian and foreign entrepreneurs and business executives, seeking exclusive and luxurious residences for primary residence or tourist purposes. It has also drawn significant attention in recent years from investors for major real estate transactions, diversifying from the increasingly competitive Milanese market.

What are the most requested properties at the moment?

Lake Maggiore, located in northern Italy and southern Switzerland, is one of the most picturesque and sought-after places in the region. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, it offers a pleasant climate and breathtaking views. The most sought-after properties are luxury villas, single-family solutions, or properties in exclusive settings with amenities such as lake access, swimming pool, tennis, and, crucially, lake views.

What motivations led you to establish a partnership with Luxforsale for your real estate agency?

The motivations that led me to establish a partnership with Luxforsale are manifold and depend on various business strategies that we want to undertake and that embody a common philosophy.

Establishing a partnership with Luxforsale provides the real estate agency with access to a high-level clientele, can enhance its prestige and reputation, provide access to specialized resources, and enable differentiation in the market, including through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Based on your experience in the sector, what are the possible future developments of the luxury real estate market in your area of reference, and in general?

The real estate market of Lake Maggiore should continue its positive trajectory in the coming years. However, it is essential to monitor external factors such as economic fluctuations and changes in travel trends that can influence market dynamics.

The attention of large national and international investors can only ensure a growing demand, increasing interest, and the value of the territory.

The prospects for the luxury real estate market in 2024 are outlined through continuously evolving and increasingly refined demands. New trends are emerging that characterize the preferences and desires of buyers of prestigious residences.

In general, the main current challenges are related to high interest rates and construction costs, as well as the increase in inflation that affects consumers' purchasing power. The luxury market remains stable with concrete signs of growth; in fact, there are numerous potential Italian and international buyers who are interested in investing in Italy.

Despite global changes and the growth of inflation, which make the landscape unstable, real estate remains the ultimate safe haven.

The luxury real estate market is highly competitive and requires a highly professional approach. It is essential to be well-prepared, have an in-depth knowledge of the properties and areas in which you operate, and offer impeccable service to meet the expectations of high-spending clients.

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