An overview of the most beautiful luxury homes in salento

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Salento is one of Italy's treasures, offering breathtaking natural landscapes nestled between sea, mountains, and hills where time seems to stand still. It's no wonder that this corner of paradise is highly sought after by wealthy individuals who decide to purchase luxury apartments and homes in Salento, either to live there or to vacation throughout the year. It's mainly Americans and British who invest in the Salento real estate market, captivated by its lush landscapes and by the "masserie," once rustic farmhouses and now iconic luxury buildings surrounded by greenery.

Among the most prestigious offerings is the Antica Masseria di Gallipoli, which boasts an impressive 50 rooms. This luxury farmhouse is set within an 8-hectare park and includes two farmhouse buildings, a large panoramic swimming pool, and a tennis court. The structure has undergone restoration that has enhanced its seventeenth-century charm while respecting Mediterranean tradition.

Another similar property for sale in Salento is the Antica Masseria La Cupa, listed among the landscape assets of the municipality of Campi Salentina. The typical Salento structure is characterized by large star-shaped vaults made of tuff stone that have retained their historical value and beauty. A project has already been presented for its renovation to create a residential home, and the adjacent structure could also be transformed into a charming apartment with an intimate fireplace and a large garden suitable for a bio pool.

For those who prefer to live in Lecce, the Baroque capital, they will be fascinated by an apartment located in the historic center of the city in a strategic position with a wonderful garden. The architectural beauty of the property is astonishing, featuring two imposing vaults at the entrance.

Another beautiful property worth mentioning is Villa Bilivelli, located in the enchanting setting of Polignano, the birthplace of Domenico Modugno. The prestigious and elegant villa spans two levels and is surrounded by extensive green spaces. There's an external patio, partially covered and partially uncovered, and the property offers breathtaking views through its windows that stretch out to the sea. At the back, there's also an additional kitchen area with a wood-burning oven and a very panoramic rooftop terrace that can be used as a solarium.

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