Roberto presciutti, arenzano immobiliare: “twenty years of experience and diverse clientele“

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Experience in the real estate sector is what makes some agencies more adept than others in facing the daily challenges of the market. This is further enhanced by the competence and professionalism of agents, who can meet the needs of a larger number of clients seeking quality service. Arenzano Immobiliare, with its twenty years of experience, stands as a virtuous model in the luxury real estate market, characterized by strong dynamism. We discuss this with the owner, Roberto Presciutti.

What is the current trend in the real estate market in the area your agency covers?

Our Real Estate Agency is located in Arenzano, in the province of Genoa, a very strategically located area. It is the first highway exit of the Western Riviera and very close to Genoa airport, making it a highly attractive tourist destination, much sought after by clients from Lombardy, Piedmont, Valle D'Aosta, and Switzerland. The town acts as a natural funnel for demand from Northern Italy. After the pandemic, for various reasons, the demand from potential buyers has skyrocketed, and the town has seen a constant increase in both the number of transactions and average market values, which will continue to rise in the near future.

Based on your experience, have you been able to identify a target clientele that turns to your real estate agency?

Our office, thanks to about 20 years of experience in the area, can cater to different types of clients: those looking for a prestigious villa by the sea, those seeking a classic summer residence, and those looking for a city solution for work or relocation. We must thank the short distance to the center of Genoa and the airport, which guarantees connections for clients throughout Italy and Europe.

Our office, however, by vocation and passion, extends to working with properties all over Italy, thanks to the strong network of collaborations that has always distinguished us, allowing us to offer properties for all budgets and needs.

**What are the most requested properties at the moment?**

Currently, the most requested properties are studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments for investment purposes or, for those with greater means, small to medium buildings to be converted into B&Bs.

What motivated you to form a partnership with Luxforsale for your real estate agency?

Our office has always prioritized offering exclusive products and services to our clients. The opportunity to join a small but cohesive group of talented real estate agents who share our passion for the job inspired us to enter into this partnership. Luxforsale has brought together agencies and agents who, like us, embrace a collaborative policy, aim high, are not easily satisfied, strive to innovate, offer up-to-date services, and grow to achieve the best market results.

Based on your experience in the sector, what are the potential future developments of the luxury real estate market in your area of reference and in general?

The Western and Eastern Ligurian Riviera offers potential buyers properties that I would define as "rare pearls." In general, for the right properties that offer specific features of exclusivity and privacy, the market is in full expansion.

Properties in specific locations that attract luxury clientele are currently the focus for the purchase of properties to be converted into high-end hospitality businesses.

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