the new 2022 observatory on the luxury real estate market is online!

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After the latest survey in 2020, here is the Luxforsale 2022 Observatory, the only survey in Italy entirely dedicated to the luxury property market.

Who are the buyers of luxury properties? Where are they coming from, what are they looking for and how much do they spend?

Two years and many events have passed since the last Luxforsale Observatory. Twenty-four months in which the entire world socio-political scenario has radically changed its connotations, first for the pandemic and later for the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Two black swans who, despite their impetuosity, however, have not affected the interest in luxury properties, which maintain a great appeal to potential Italian and foreign buyers. They have only changed its geographical features.
For the 2022 Luxforsale Observatory (the link of the full report can be downloaded at the following link), it took into consideration 4,471 properties entered by 2,943 real estate operators from all over the world. As in the last survey, the survey focused only on residences with a sales value exceeding € 500,000 and rents exceeding € 1,000.

To fully understand the results of our 2022 Observatory it is important to underline the period taken into consideration: 1/04/2021 - 31/03/2022. This choice is mainly due to the need to obtain a comprehensive overview of both the pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine which, as can be understood, significantly affected the variations in the geographical derivations of the visits. Immediately rattling off some data, in this direction the drop in the data relating to visitors from the Russian area is impressive (but not surprising), which goes from 3.29% in 2020 to 0.44% in 2022.

If fewer visitors arrive from Moscow, the same cannot be said for the Arab countries and the Rising Sun. According to the data visible in the Observatory, in fact, visits from Middle Eastern countries and Chinese and Japanese areas are on the rise, a sign that interest in the luxury market is rapidly reshaping towards other horizons.
On the other hand, research from the Italian territories does not tend to decrease, from which approximately 79% of visits arrive. Milan and Rome are confirmed as the cities with the most interested visitors, but Naples, Palermo and Catania are growing.

In the 2022 Observatory we then strongly wanted to focus on the keywords used by users, in the "Search terms" section. This data is always important to fully understand where the interest of potential customers is directed.
The most popular city, as expected, is Rome, followed by Palermo and Milan. The most sought-after regions by far were Sicily, Liguria and Lombardy.

The little attention paid to Tuscany is surprising, which, on the other hand, is the region that offers the most properties (1,171) in relation to the population.
For the more curious (or the more affluent), we have added a section that is very popular in the past observers: the geographical position of the properties over 10,000,000 euros. We do not reveal the winning region, because our advice is to download the 2022 Observatory to start a unique world tour of luxury properties!

Click here to download the complete luxury real estate observatory

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