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Like every year, the 2023 Luxforsale Observatory analyzed the similar interests of users who visit our portal. Two confirmations…and a surprise!

It goes without saying that the luxury real estate market is of interest to high-spending people who want to buy residences equipped with every comfort. Luxforsale, always attentive to every dynamic that gravitates around the world of luxury real estate, has tried to go further with its 2023 Observatory, analyzing the similar interests of all the users who choose our portal every day to browse their brochure of desires. Here are the results.

Luxury but also Lifestyle & Wellness
Lifestyle & Wellness, by definition, go hand in hand with the concept of luxury, even more of real estate luxury. Here then is that the most striking figure is actually a confirmation: according to the data collected, 7.85% of Luxforsale users have shown interest in the Lifestyle & Wellness category. This information suggests that users' attention extends beyond the search for luxury properties and also focuses on lifestyle choices and personal well-being. It is possible that those seeking luxury residences are driven not only by the desire to own an extraordinary home, but also to embrace a healthy and wellness-oriented lifestyle. This trend, which has become established over the years, reflects the ever-growing importance that people attribute to self-care and goes in parallel with one of the trends we highlighted some time ago: today's luxury home must almost necessarily include a wellness area.

Politics and current affairs: another great passion
Nor is it surprising that the News & Politics category attracted the interest of 7.67% of users. A fact that suggests that luxury buyers and enthusiasts also have a good degree of involvement in current affairs and politics. This is in all likelihood a reflection of the job positions held by buyers and those interested in luxury real estate, a profession closely linked to global and local political dynamics.

The surprise? The Food & Dining
Finally, the big surprise is linked to the predominant third interest (in addition to luxury and luxury real estate, let us recall). 4.32% of Luxforsale users have great interest in the Food & Dining category. A fact that on the one hand accompanies the growing attention towards the food industry, and on the other suggests how high-spending customers are always looking for high-level experiences, in this case culinary. It is therefore possible that these people are looking not only for a luxury home, but also for an environment that offers exceptional gastronomic opportunities, such as fine dining or access to high quality ingredients. Interest in food and dining can be a further element that characterizes the luxurious lifestyle sought by Luxforsale users.

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