Rita sciacca, certified agency luxforsale trapani and province: “sicily is increasingly attractive for investors“

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Tourism is certainly the most developed and active sector in Sicily, but in recent years the interest in this island region has also grown on the part of luxury real estate investors. Sicily is attractive not only for the natural and monumental beauties of which it is rich, but also for the presence of numerous prestigious properties, which are numerous both in the most famous tourist resorts and in less sought after, but no less interesting places .

To understand the situation of the real estate market in the Sicilian territory of reference, we consulted Rita Sciacca, Owner and Manager of the Sicil Project Real Estate Solutions Agency, Luxforsale certified for Trapani and its province.

What is the current trend of the real estate market in your agency's reference area?
We have been operating for more than twenty years in the province of Trapani and mainly in the municipalities of Alcamo, Castellammare del Golfo, San Vito lo Capo and Mazara del Vallo. These territories, characterized by the presence of unique cultural assets in the world, have seen an exponential increase in the presence of Italian and foreign tourists in recent years. The real estate sector has therefore been positively affected by this growth in the tourism sector and this trend has been evident also and above all during the recent pandemic, also confirmed by the most recent OMI (Real Estate Market Observatory) statistics.

Based on your experience, have you managed to identify a target customer who turns to your real estate agency?
For some years we have undertaken a different working method compared to past years, a more ambitious path linked to the increase in requests from foreign customers from all over Europe and from a different attention to the customer. Our territory and our natural beauties have literally sent foreign investors into a tailspin and have led to a strong interest on their part to buy in our country.

After twenty years of experience in the real estate sector, we have decided to be the ones to choose the clientele that allows us to be able to work professionally and serenely in order to obtain great results. Thanks to this change and this new perspective on the real estate market, today's customers choose us for our professionalism and transparency.

What are the most requested properties at the moment?
We receive different types of requests. In the city, apartments with outdoor spaces are the most sought after. Those who choose to live outside the condominium residences usually request independent villas. In the luxury market, seaside villas with gardens and swimming pools are the most coveted.

What are the reasons that led you to create the partnership with Luxforsale for your real estate agency?
We have always kept up with the times, and we have always aimed high. The increase in requests from abroad and their concreteness have been decisive for our growth. This prompted us to create a partnership with Luxforsale in order to increasingly specialize in the luxury real estate market.

What are - based on your experience in the sector - the possible future developments of the luxury real estate market in your reference area, and in general?
Thanks to its natural, architectural and cultural beauties and its typically Mediterranean mild climate, Sicily continues to give us the opportunity to better develop the potential of these territories. The growth margins of the luxury real estate market are still wide in this area of ​​Sicily. Investments and above all the international vision of investors will make the difference.

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