Francesca losno, from immobiliare losno in albenga: “we help clients find the right offer.“

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The luxury real estate market is multifaceted: each area of Italy has its own characteristics and peculiarities, and it's important to understand the territorial dynamics to exploit them in the best way possible.

This is what Luxforsale certified agencies do with daily commitment, present nationwide and active in the real estate sector.

We reached Francesca Losno, owner of the agency in Albenga (SV), to get an idea of what is happening in this area and how the market could evolve in the coming months.

What is the current trend in the real estate market in your agency's reference area?

My agency is located in Albenga (SV). Here, the real estate market has always been mainly focused on primary homes, although in recent years there has been a growing interest in second homes. However, there is still a preference for primary residences.

Based on your experience, have you been able to identify a target clientele for your real estate agency?

The clientele, especially in this period, consists of two types: clients (including foreigners) interested in renovating properties, perhaps a few kilometers from the city center; clients interested in significant properties with surrounding land. The client looking for a second home in Albenga seeks a two-room apartment priced between 150,000 and 170,000 euros, or a three-room apartment in the range of 200,000 euros.

What are the most requested properties at the moment?

Mostly, there is demand for properties to renovate, preferably not far from the city center, or properties with surrounding land. Both second homes (two or three-room apartments) and primary residences are sought after.

What motivated you to partner with Luxforsale for your real estate agency?

The market is saturated with agencies dealing with the same types of properties, but at the same time, there are luxury properties that few or no one can handle. My goal is to enter a niche market, which Luxforsale has been managing for some time, and learn the right strategies to provide innovative and comprehensive service to all target clientele.

Based on your experience in the industry, what are the possible future developments in the luxury real estate market in your reference area, and in general?

In my area, possible developments in the luxury market concern the advertising methods of prestigious properties, which are currently "mistreated" on websites where they appear alongside two-room apartments priced at 100,000.00 euros. Instead, I believe that each property should have a dedicated advertising space where users can be sure to find what they are looking for.

At certain levels, it is essential to guarantee privacy and confidentiality in negotiations without exposing expensive properties or known families on social media, and without disclosing to numerous different agencies, creating confusion and dispersion. Liguria could be greatly valued by finding the right investors in luxury tourist accommodation structures because today the user with money to spend "doesn't know where to spend it," or rather, can't find the right offer.

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